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The second way – Neuer Song mit Gesang

Eine Demoversion des Songs:
[audio:http://www.mindloveproject.net/audio/Second Way (Stella PabloJ Krischan777).mp3]

Eingespielt mit Stella, die den Gesang selbst übernahm, und PabloJ – FB Link für den musikalischen Teil, unterstützt durch seine Gitarre …

Der erste Weg war in der Finsternis und der Zweite weg geht nun raus ins Helle….

The second way

What is the reason that I am here
What is the goal of my life
We all ask ourselves these questions sometimes
Am I doing okay, is this the right way
Let’s think about it”


If there was a source I could go to
And ask if there’s something to know
Whatelse then can be so important
Whatelse then can be so good

Is it me, is it you, is it we, is it true
What on earth do you think that I should do

Help me out, what is wrong, in my head, is it gone
Crazy zoom, spinnin’ round, going up, tumble down
Turning eyes, dizzy me, feeling nice, feeling free,
Get it out of my head, feeling good, feeling sad,

Feel the glow in my face, see the dark in disgrace, go to left, go to right,
See the sun’s shining bright, it is hot, it is cold, I’m confused, I shower gold
Now I hear what you say…this is the 2nd way

(C) Stella 2011