Wenn der Verstand mit der Liebe im Einklang ist gibt es eine bessere Welt .:. Wir arbeiten daran

Unendlichkeits-LP – DSL Edition


Alle Songs als Snippets:

Eine Ebene der Geschichte in Wortform:

Minds entertain Minds entertain Minds recursive.
Going down and up inside. Be the mind going down and up inside.
Wake up. Recognize the light. Live the truth of life.
Feel the essence of your nature. AWAKENINGS 2013 (2) all around.
More and more characters grow up from the ground.
We need the new sound so we stay awake.
Increase and expand the frequencies. It’s still SUMMER 2013 (3) in our minds.
A Summer with tracks of rocks and mountains.
Always chilly moving forwards. A LUCKY WALKER (4) synchronize the groovings.
LIFE THEME (5) bend core reality. Love theme set smooth connections.
RITUALTANZ (6) get the use we give. We celebrate in happenings.
Melted together as One. But subjects can choose the grade of append.
CHANGES / VERÄNDERUNG (7) of We-ality is co-creation and open for everyone.
With focus on the common good. Start creating in your inner depth.
REALITY / WIR:KLICHKEIT (8) has eternal faces.
Switching is like going through doors. How many can you see?
Some raise, some lower the mix of the selves. What’s our time?
Is time the definition of our transitoriness?
Without a moving power an ETERNAL / UNENDLICHKEIT (9) sequence of events.
Slice reflections of the magick miracle.
Time is only for event-calendars.
LIKE THE DARK (10) – get light as the reflection.
Once it will burn every stoned character. Til then they can choose.
Return back into grand mom. God is a sleeping female dj.
Or working on make up the old steps. Make a move, Go get YET ANOTHER TRIP (11).
With joy and pleasure it is always okay. Don’t fight your own with chemicals.
Mind grow back over Matter. Adult is how they’re called.
Selfbondage is the issue. Who’s the boss in your own house?
You wanna be a PARADROID (12) ? Spread up characters and experiences.
Changes recommended. Take the right music for a better brainwash.
Reflect it when you mind it Dance it when you like it.
Ignore it when you can. Repeat to see landscapes in magick colors.
Be responsible for searchers. The young generation around you.
Tech scene is family. SEVEN DAYS (13) a open sunny mind.
Seven days 1000 unique melodies.
Seven days one beat in thousand colors. Seven days tons of acts and facts.
Seven days emotional connections. Seven days one spirit, one raving family.
Seven days like seven years. Men can dance naked.
Women should dance naked. A Person has to choose wise.
Burkas surprise. Have inside space for many stuff.
Bombs of Love and beauty or fatality. CLICK CLICK CLICK (14).
PLANET TECH-NO (15) no people, no-one will dance. Imagine Robot Screaming.
Make love not war. A Rhino pair shows up. Then IT IS COMING (16).
How legendary two bodies can help to melt into one light.
The GOD OF THE SPEAKERS (17) reflects the light of the crowd.
Play with the crowd. Hit and Kick the crowd. Ascent the crowd.
DON’T FORGET THE SOURCE (18) and the source of the source of the source.
Recursive back loops to find fragments of the eternal holy miracle.
A PLAYFUL DESIRE (19) called heaven is sometimes in our dreams.
A reflection of our past cut by downsteps.
Sleep and death are ways back. Remembrance for a magical grow up.
Celebration is meditation. LICHTERLOH (20) minds are viral joy.

(C) 2013 Mind Entertainment

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